Partnership / Partenariat

If you’ve created a documentary, a short-film, animation, essay, a dance video or series of photographies, we’d love to see. Before you submit, please take a look at the text below.

Due to the sheer volume of work we receive each month, we’ve implemented a system to help bring submissions to our attention more quickly. Submit your work using the form below and it will be added to a queue and promptly viewed by our team.

If your work is selected we will follow up with you if we require further information.

Here you have the options include in the partnership offer

  • Written interview
  • Dress up Facebook and twitter, cover for 5 days
  • A sponsored article of 300 words minimum


  • The submission fee does not guarantee your work will be featured. But if it’s not accepted, we’re gonna make a writing feedback and we gonna retain 15% of the submission fee and refund you 85% of the submission fee.

We do not accept music submission from here. You can do it via Submithub


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